The District Condominiums in Ipswich, MA

From Church to Town Hall and District Court to Condominiums

With its historic exterior largely intact, the former church that later became Town Hall and the District Court is now a residential building. That is the power of adaptive reuse: renovating and re-purposing an obsolete historic building. Making something new of something old.

The building today looks much as it did in 1876, though without the bell tower.  The basic form of the original Greek Revival church remains clearly visible as the  front portion of the second story.

The bell tower was removed early in the twentieth century, and the bell was given to the Greek Society for their new church.  The 2017 adaptation into residences was retains the historical style of the 1876 building. The additional windows in the second story were made to match those of the 1876 renovation. Other windows were also added in the sides and rear to match the existing historic ones. Article - Published September 10, 2017: